Andreas Herz…


* sometimes uses this blog to collect (and publish) STUFF.

*  is lecturer at the Insitute for Social Pedagogy and Organisation Studies (University of Hildesheim) (since 4/2016, on leave between 10/2016-3/2018 and 4/2018-10/2018).

* is part and moderation of rnnr (research network network research).

* is part of relational approaches in the applied social sciences.

* was a professor ad interim on research methods (Vertretung der Professur “Empirische Pädagogik/ Forschungsmethoden”) at the University of Marburg/ Germany (10/2016-3/2018).

* was postdoctoral researcher in the project “MOVE: Mapping mobility – pathways, institutions and structural effects of youth mobility in Europe“, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020” University of Hildesheim (5/2015-4/2018).

* re-started playing drums in 2016 and recognized that e-drums are not that bad.

*  was postdoctoral researcher in the research training group on “Transnational Social Support, founded by the German Research Foundation (5/2013-3/2016).

* took parental leave (11/2014-10/2015).

* did research in several research projects  (find more information on the projects here).
* held a phd scholarship of the research training group on “Transnational Social Support”, founded by the German Research Foundation (6/2008-5/2011).
* was working in the German Youth Institute (Deutsches Jugend Insitut/ Munich in Germany) as a student researcher (2005-2006) and research assistant (2008).
* studied educational science and sociology in Munich (G), Edinburgh (UK) and Maastricht (NL) from 2002 to 2008.
* sometimes rides a motor bike (DKW RT 200/2; year of construction: 1955).
* likes music and used to play drums.
* grew up in the South of Germany.