“Varieties of Qualitative Perspectives in Social Network Analysis” Call for Presentations / EUSN 2017

Session at the 3rd European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN) at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, 26.-29. September 2017

“Varieties of Qualitative Perspectives in Social Network Analysis”

Qualitative approaches in Social Network Analysis (SNA) are a rapidly growing field of expertise. A variety of methodological traditions and theories inspire this research, including conversation analysis, ethnography, small story research, field theory, social world theory and interactionism. In empirical studies diverse qualitative methods are applied and different kinds of data are taken as qualitative data material including interviews, observations and visualizations. Fundamental to the qualitative approaches is a close entanglement of theory and method in the sense of a methodical holism. Their internal coherence is essential since theoretical assumptions orient methods and vice versa.

In this session we want to engage in a discussion on how different traditions and schools of thought orient qualitative research on social networks. We invite participants to present their empirical approaches and to discuss how they integrate theory, methodology and method in their research.

Contributions may tackle questions such as the following:

  • How do qualitative methodical procedures relate to methodological and theoretical positions and how can they be integrated for analyzing social networks?
  • What do the various strands of qualitative research offer for the analysis of social networks?
  • What are the comparative (dis-)advantages of different qualitative perspectives (such as narrative inquiry or ethnography) for analyzing social networks?
  • How do we integrate qualitative research strategies with perspectives taken from (quantitative) structural analysis and how can this be done in a theoretically and methodologically consistent manner?

Abstract submission

Please hand in your abstract via the conference website (http://www.eusn2017.uni-mainz.de/) and indicate the name of the session: “Varieties of Qualitative Perspectives in Social Network Analysis”. Abstract submission deadline is March 31st.

Session organizers (in alphabetical order):

Stefan Bernhard (IAB Nuernberg)

Andreas Herz (University of Marburg)

Luisa Peters (University of Hildesheim)

Inga Truschkat (University of Hildesheim)