programms for ego-centric network data collection and analysis

Because I have been asked about this list of programms for ego-centric network data collection and analysis quite frequently the last few months, I decided to put it here... Absolutely imperfect...

1.      Collection (and Analysis)

  • Version 1:
    • Java-based program
    • available for free
    • collecting personal network data
    • instant analysis and visualization of network data (useful if you want to talk about the network with the respondents
    • options for matching ego-networks to whole networks from a set of (related) personal networks, and for longitudinal analysis
  • Version 2:
  • open-source data collection platform
  • optimized for touch screen
  • question types are focused on ego-network data collection and provides respondents with a visualization of their network as they move through the survey
  •  App to keep a diary about the personal network
  • collection of ego-centered network data
  • allows structured personal network questionnaires OR/ AND interactive, participatory network drawings (or mixes of structured and interactive interviewing)
  • visualization/analysis of a network
  • not free (but free trial version on the website)


2.      Analysis

Additionally to analysis in previously mentioned tools, there are different programs for the analysis of ego-centric networks

  • R package for egonetwork analysis